County Durham Emotional Wellbeing

County Durham Children and Young People’s Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing Professional Network

Aim: To Improve outcomes for children, young people and families by:
• Providing a network meeting and e-network for practitioners who have an interest in promoting mental health & emotional wellbeing of children, young people and families in County Durham.
• Informing the work of the County Durham Children & Young People’s Mental Health, Emotional Wellbeing & Resilience Group.

The network was established in June 2014, is funded by Durham County Council Public Health and coordinated by Success (North East). Four two-hour network meetings take place throughout the year (September, December, February and May) as well as regular e-network sharing.

Each meeting includes:
• Guest Speakers focused around emotional & mental health
• An opportunity to share practice, ideas, issues and information about children and young people’s emotional & mental health
• A space for practitioners to support each other

The network is free and open to any practitioner with an interest in promoting emotional wellbeing and positive mental health of children, young people and families in County Durham. We currently have over 600 practitioners from a wide range of organisations registered on the e-network and between 30-50 practitioners attend each meeting.

What members say about the network:

• Love hearing how other groups are getting on and what other services are available from engaging presentations.
• Thank you, as head teacher, I can see how emotional development can be placed in the whole school development plan. Lots of justifications given today.
• Really useful to hear from other speakers/agencies about what is available to support emotional well being
• Lots of useful contact numbers sharing ideas becoming aware of other organisations and extra support systems in County Durham
• Very useful for information forum & speakers. A great chance to share ideas and gain a little confidence as a new member – Thank You
• I found the session; Interesting and inspiring, extremely useful, great to chat to others. Thank you!

Getting Involved:
If you would like to sign up to the network, attend as a guest speaker or would like any further information please contact Wendy Minhinnett on 07415380040 or email