Healthy Hub


What is a Healthy Hub?

The ultimate aim of a healthy hub was to improve the health of a particular locality.  Some areas in County Durham already have very active and successful healthy hubs, you may have heard of the Health Express in Shildon or Active Aycliffe. Each healthy hub runs differently and is developed based on the needs of the local community.


Spennymoor Healthy Hub Overview & Healthy Hub Action Plan Update

What was Spennymoor Healthy Hub’s Aim?

The aim of Spennymoor Healthy hub was to Improve the health of Spennymoor Residents.

Objectives of the hub?

Develop a Healthy Hub network using meetings and an e-network 
Distribute health information 
Identify issues and feed them into the Health Network 
Identify and work on possible solutions


If you are interested ing out more or getting involved, please contact Marnie Ramsey Wellbeing for life health improvement service

Carer’s Way

Newton Aycliffe


Tel: 01325 327443

Mobile: 07876 745855

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