What was the ‘Community New To you Event’?

The aim of this event was to allow people to bring in their pre-loved clothes, toys and household items and exchange them for something that was new to them.  We held a community New To You event at Spennymoor Town Hall on 14th/15th November 2015

What we did in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: We Got sorting

We went through our wardrobes, cupboards and drawers to find some things you used to love but no longer need… This could have been ladies, men’s, children’s and babies clothing, shoes and accessories. Toys, household items, kitchenware, curtains , books, cd’s and school uniform.

Step 2: We Got our swap tickets

Every item we brought in was then exchanged for 1 swap ticket.

Step 3: We Got swapping

The shop opened the next day and swap ticket customers came along and exchanged their swap tickets for something new to them.

There was something for everyone and the shop layout was so inviting it was hard resist a New to You treat!

Step 4:

When the shop closed all left over goods were donated to the local charity shops.


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