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The Oaks

Our School Aims

  1. To provide pupils with a broad, balanced and relevant curiculum, through which they experience as wide a range of appropriate educational opportunities as possible.
  2. To create a safe, caring and supportive environment for all.
  3. To challenge and encourage pupils to achieve their potential in terms of academic achievement, aesthetic appreciation and spiritual, moral and cultural awareness.
  4. To encourage tolerance, understanding and respect for the cultures, rights, beliefs, feelings and property of others.
  5. To develop in pupils a responsible and independent attitude towards work and towards their future roles in society.
  6. To foster emotional and physical health and wellbeing.
  7. To create a climate in which pupils’ self esteem and self confidence can grow and develop.
  8. To enable pupils to achieve as much independence as possible during their time in school and to prepare them to take their place as valuable and valued members of society.


Address Rock Road
Co Durham
Dl16 7DB
Phone Number 01388 827380
Email theoaks@durhamlearning.net
Website www.theoaks.durham.sch.uk