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Children and Young People’s Network

What was the Spennymoor Children & Young Peoples Network?

Success North East coordinated The Spennymoor Children and Young Peoples Network. This brought together organisations that provide or are interested in promoting activities for children and young people in the Spennymoor AAP Area.

How it worked …

•Members were invited to attend regular network meetings and join our e-network
•At the network meeting they shared information on the activities they provided, discuss any particular issues for children and young people and help to identify gaps in provision.

We brought all of the ideas together and promote all activities via:
•Social Media – this website, Facebook, twitter and the use of QR technology
•Holiday booklets – these are produced for 5 school holiday periods
•A What’s On in Spennymoor Guide – a comprehensive booklet of local activity providers which was distributed to 10,500 households in the Spennymoor AAP area.

How do I join?

If you are interested in finding out more about the Children & Young People’s Network please get in touch via the quick enquiry form or email info@success.coop